Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cool my music box, the new interface, mainly practical

As the most popular network music player music box cool I have been known for innovation, the first music resources of the network to provide aggregation services, the first audio fingerprinting capabilities provided, the first to offer music on demand and K MV song features, etc. once again bring users to surprise a lot of users looking cool in the next version of my music box which will bring extraordinary music services. Cool music box I recently issued the latest version, this new version of the skin to do a major innovation, providing a new type of skin break points to practical and functional, give users a more convenient music experience. Here we take a look at this brand new skin, which are just too wonderful.

1. The new look interface design

I open the cool music box, the default is the traditional interface. In the upper right corner click on "skinning" button in the pop-up menu in the "best of the skin" list, click on the "points off the skin" option, will be prompted to restart cool my music box. After rebooting, I can see the cool music box into a new blue and white split skin tone fresh, elegant, quite good.

Split skin is divided into two parts, the left is the control panel and the playlist window, can be used to control music playback, edit playlists and so on. Today the right is the recommended / Music Library Search / local music library window, used for network music search / download and management operations. Both functional classification clear, user-friendly quick to learn and master the operation. The right side of the window function setting and operation methods consistent with the traditional skin, not repeat them. The focus of the whole skin in the left window, the following let us reveal its mysterious veil.

2. Casual look even more wonderful songs

In the left window provides a "playlist" and "look around" two track list. Play lists are added manually by the user and management, casual look is recommended by the software automatically songs, click "look around" button to automatically display a playlist of songs which were recommended by the software, the songs are more popular recently. Too lazy to manually search for the song, or really do not know what songs to listen to people, this feature the most convenient, as long as the click of a button you can hear a lot of good song. If the current list of the songs are heard, and would like to get a new song to listen to, as long as the lower left corner click "Refresh" button to replace a number of new songs, often for new, and never tired of hearing it. If the hearing favorite songs, at the bottom click "Save" button will list all of the current song collection to the "Play List", right click the song select "Add to" option can be a single song collection to Play list, since you can always listen to the.

3. The flexibility to streamline the new skin

Cool music box I split out the skin color between the other is that it's extremely streamlined model. The traditional skin interface are fixed, sometimes the window too much effect on the use of other programs, can not be stationed on the desktop, can only minimize the use, transfer out, etc. when the need arises, the operation is very flexible. New version of the split skin is to solve this problem, it allows users to flexibly set the appearance of size, without affecting the functional use of the premise, the best appreciation and operating experience.

Respectively in the left window click the "list" and "Music Library" button playlists and music libraries will hide the window, this time window only player window window, you can drag and drop to the small size of any corner, will not affect the use of other programs, they can easily control the playback. If you want to see the synchronized lyrics to enjoy the MTV how to do? Not worry, the upper right corner of the window click the "watch" button to launch a player window, you can see through the window synchronized lyrics, MTV video on demand, to sing karaoke OK so, the window is small but fully functional, will not affect the normal lyrics and appreciate the need for MV, but also does not affect other programs to use, very nice bar. This music box is cool I highlight the most innovative features of the.

After these trials, you can see my music box cool down a lot in the design effort, both beautiful and practical-based dual design makes the performance quite a spin-off of skin color. This once again proves my cool music box in the functional strength of innovation, user-oriented design concept first. Cool music box worth the wait I should applaud.

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